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21/09/2012 / Test All Things

Good News From Heaven

Blessed be God, our salvation is a finished work!

It neither needs, nor will admit of supplement. And here, let us remember, when we talk of a finished salvation, we mean that complete and infallibly effectual redemption accomplished by the propitiatory merit of Christ’s own personal obedience, and of Christ’s own personal sufferings, both one and the other of which have that infinite perfection of atoning and justifying efficacy.

Every individual of mankind, for whom Christ obeyed, and for whom He bled, shall most certainly be saved by His righteousness and death, not one of the redeemed excepted; seeing Christ has paid, completely paid, the debt of perfect obedience and of penal suffering: so that divine justice must become unjust, ere it be possible for a single soul to perish for all or any of those debts which Christ took upon Himself to discharge, and which He has absolutely discharged accordingly.

Thanks to divine grace, Christ has already put away our sins by the sacrifice of Himself. We are acquitted from guilt, and reconciled to God, not by our tears, but by the precious blood of Christ: not of our own signs and sorrows, but by the humiliation, the agony, the bloody sweat, and the bitter death of Him Who did no sin, of Him Who was found in fashion as a Man, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross.

These, and these alone, are the propitiation for our sins. And as surely as Christ obeyed, as surely as Christ expired, as surely as He rose again, as surely as He intercedes for all the people of His love, so certainly will they all, first and last, be enabled to sing of His faithfulness to all generations and of that mercy which shall be built up for ever in their full, free, and final glorification.

By Augustus Toplady – 1774

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