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21/05/2012 / Test All Things

When We Became Christians

When we become Christians, it is very natural for us to say to ourselves, “We don’t want to be second – rate, or half – hearted Christians, or prove to be like the Laodicean professors, neither hot or cold, or like those of whom the apostle John wrote, “They went out from us, but they were not of us,”

We all said we had a holy ambition to bring forth fruit to the glory of God, to love our Lord much, and manifest that love in every possible act of devotion to Him, but…as the years have gone by, we feel that our hearts and souls are not as tender towards our Saviour as at the first, our zeal is not as hot.

Let me tell you one thing that often makes me feel a great tenderness of soul and helps re­kindle that love for my Master. It is a sense of His glorious love.

If you ever offend a person, and that person, instead of being the least bit angry, lets fall a tear, but says nothing, and you hear later that he has been doing everything for your good, and that the very thing which made you angry was really intended to be a bless­ing to you, oh, you feel that you can never for­give yourself. To do a wrong thing, is bad at any time. But to do a wrong, to one who is so good and kind as God, is infinitely wrong.

Haven’t you often asked yourself, “How could I have done this”?

I am one of God’s chosen people; He loved me before the foundation of the world, though I didn’t know it. Christ wrote my name on His hands and on His heart, He shed His blood to redeem me long before I knew it or Him. I reviled His name, yet He prepared a place for me in Heaven in the very presence of God almighty. He had in His holy will purposed from eternity that He was going to save me, that His grace would seek me out, that His love would not take all the NO’s, all the resistance of my heart and will. He said you are mine, I bought you with my blood, and I WILL HAVE YOU!

To think of the great love wherewith He loved me and gave Himself for me, touches my callous heart and draws it out to Him. It creates anew in me the desire to bring forth fruit to glorify Him, and love Him with all that is within me, to lay all that I am and have at His feet.

To God be the glory!

Great things He hath done!

By Don Bell

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