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20/05/2012 / Test All Things

How Much is a Soul Worth?

Preachers and evangelists are often heard to say, “Send in a certain amount of money and if we get the money we need we can reach more souls for Jesus and win them to Jesus.”

One popular evangelist said that the souls he had won to Jesus that particular year cost 47 cents each.

That is to true believers, a tragedy, for if money was all it took, we would give all we had, and exist on the barest necessities. We would not be so cruel as to spend our money on cars, dining out, houses or lands, when we could use it to pay to keep someone out of hell!

How sad, it is, beloved, when a so called soul winner man puts a monetary value of another man’s soul.

We tell the worth of something by what the value of someone who is in the know put’s on it, so by using that criteria we can find out how precious, how valuable a soul is to God, for He set a price and exacted that price from His Son.

The soul of man was of such immeasurable worth, (capable of knowing exquisite joy with it’s God, or exquisite misery separated from God) that God gave the Son of His love, delivered Him up to an ignominious death, to purchase the souls of sinners by the blood and death of His Son on the cross.

How precious life, how precious the soul must be, that almighty God would exact such a price for their redemption.

By Donald Bell

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