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05/05/2012 / Test All Things

Redeemed Offender

Redeemed offender, hail the day
That sees thy sin forgiven;
Jesus hath borne thy guilt away,
And pleads for thee in heaven.

Imprinted on His hands thou art
In characters of blood;
The stream that issued from His heart
Shall waft thee safe to GOD.

For me vouchsafed the unspotted Lamb
His Father’s wrath to bear;
I see His hands, and read my name
Engraven deeply there.

Forth from the LORD his gushing blood
In purple currents ran;
And every wound proclaimed aloud
His wondrous love to man.

Thy righteousness my robe shalt be,
Thy bitter death my hope;
For my offence upon the tree
My LORD was lifted up.

For me the Saviour’s blood avails,
Almighty to atone:
The hands He gave to piercing nails
Shall lead me to his throne.

By Augustus Toplady

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