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11/04/2012 / Test All Things

“Lovest Thou Me?”

“…Lovest thou me?”
(John 21:16)

Simon Peter’s affirmative response to this heart-searching question would be evidenced by one thing — feeding Christ’s lambs!

Two other times, the Lord questioned Peter regarding his love and both times Peter’s favorable answer was followed by the unwavering command “feed my sheep.”

The heart of God’s spokesman is revealed and his mouth will proclaim that which he loves — Christ.

The food of the sheep is Christ; He is their bread, and their spiritual nourishment is derived from Him through the Holy Ghost-blessed message of His gospel.

The sheep of God will be found where their food is. Their food is the lively message of Him who is their Substitute, their Righteousness, and their Advocate. The hunger created within their new heart is satisfied each time the Christ-honoring gospel is proclaimed.

Christ’s servants will herald forth that which glorifies the Son, and edifies and feeds the sheep.

“Lovest thou more than these? … Feed my sheep!”
(John 21:16)

By Marvin Stalnaker

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