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24/03/2012 / Test All Things

Christ Only Valued By Sinners

Christ is not valued nor His grace appreciated until men have a genuine knowledge of their misery, helplessness, and lost condition because of sin.

When sin is sin indeed, then grace is grace indeed, and Christ is Christ indeed. If men have a superficial sense of sin, they have a superficial faith in Christ.

I introduced a sermon with an excellent question asked by a friend:

“If a person is truly saved by the grace of God in Christ, will he love, rejoice, give, share, forgive and endeavor to glorify Christ in his life or MUST HE BE TAUGHT THESE THINGS?”

My answer: “Yes, he will and yes, he must.”

The principles of grace and truth are in the heart by regeneration, as is the love of Christ for others; but children must be taught, reminded, corrected and even chastised.

“Go ye and make disciples, TEACHING THEM to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you.”
(Matthew 28:20)

The very fact that our Lord gave us the Lord’s Table to “Do in remembrance of Me” is proof enough that we need to be taught and reminded of spiritual truth.

By Henry Mahan

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