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17/12/2011 / Test All Things


(Exodus 3:14)

The believer is called to wayfaring and warfaring struggles. He has to bear a daily cross and to fight a daily fight. But in every hour of need a sure support is near.

Behold Moses. The ground that he must tread is very slippery. The hill of his difficulties is very steep. A foe opposes every step. But a staff and a sword are provided for him in the name of his guiding and protecting Lord.


On this He can lean the whole burden of his cares, and fears, and pains. By this he can scatter kings as dust. This stay is still the same, ever mighty, ever near. The feeblest pilgrim may grasp it by the hand of faith. And whosoever grasps it is “as Mount Zion, which cannot be removed, but abides forever” (Psalm 125:1).


Such is the voice from the burning bush. The Speaker, then, is hid in no mask of mystery.

It is the Angel (messenger) of the everlasting Covenant.

It is the great Redeemer.

He would establish His people on the firm rock of comfort. Therefore with trumpet-tongue He thus assures them that all the majesty, all the supremacy, all the glory of absolute and essential Deity, are His inherent right.

O my soul, into what a speck must poor man dwindle before such greatness!

The limits of the mind cannot scan it. The arms of the heart cannot embrace it. Words are mere skeletons before it. Intellect would sincerely on eagle’s wing fly around the ever-widening circle. But vain is the effort. Its height is on heaven’s summit.

What mortal arm can reach it?

It is as space which has no bounds.

What human line can measure it?

Our mortal eyes pierce not unlimited expanse. Our scales weigh not the mountains. Our vessels measure not the ocean’s depths. So our faculties are too short to probe the immensities of God. To grasp divine essence requires divine largeness.

“I AM THAT I AM” alone can read the volume of that title.

Shall we then repine?

What! Repine because our God is so great?

Where is the subject who frets because he cannot count his prince’s treasures?

Let us rather bow our heads in pious adoration.

By Henry Law

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