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16/12/2011 / Test All Things

Secondary Importance?

I have noticed that the main issue that men grapple with over the doctrine of election is not whether or not the Scripture teaches it.

Any honesty at all will make a man admit the Scriptures do teach this doctrine.

What men grapple with is whether or not it is essential to believe this doctrine and preach this doctrine. Most preachers will admit the Bible does teach election, but they relegate it to a doctrine of secondary importance. (Judgment day will reveal the motive behind such actions.)

But will the Scriptures support such a position?

In Exodus 33:18, Moses said to God, “Show me your glory…” To which God replied, “…I will be gracious to whom I will be gracious.”

Paul quotes this in Romans 9 to answer the carnal mind’s objection to election (Romans 9:14-15).

According to Scripture, God’s glory and election go together. If the glory of God can be thought to be a doctrine of secondary importance, so can the doctrine of election. But we know the glory of God is of primary importance.

What does that make God’s electing mercy in Christ?

By Henry Mahan

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