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29/11/2011 / Test All Things

“Abstain From All Apearance of Evil”

“Abstain from all Appearance of Evil.”
(1st Thessalonians 5:22)

I know that many interpret this as suggesting that we avoid any conduct, behavior, and actions that, while they may not be wrong for us, yet they give the appearance of wrong doing.

This is good advice, but not what the apostle is talking about.

He is speaking, as in the preceding verse, of doctrinal evil!

For example, when there is preaching, teaching, and interpretation of Scripture which, when tried by the Word, does not appear to be false or wrong, but there is an unhappy suspicion in the mind, a doubt or fear entertained, a concern that there is poison somewhere, then avoid it!

The truth of God is clear and gives glory to His name!

By Henry Mahan

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