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08/10/2011 / Test All Things

Jesse Duplantis and the False Gospel of Health and Wealth

“Supposing that gain is godliness; from such withdraw thyself. But godliness with contentment is great gain. And having food and clothes let us be content. But they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lusts. For the love of money is the root of all evil, which, while some have coveted after, they have erred from the faith. But thou, O man of God, flee these things, and follow after righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, meekness,”
(1 Timothy 6:6-11)

“I’ve never had the Lord say, ‘Jesse, I think that car is a little bit too nice.’ I’ve had vehicles and the Lord said, ‘Would you please go park that at your house. Don’t put that in front of my house. I don’t want people to think that I’m a poor God.’
(Jesse Duplantis, “When Will We Yield To The Anointing of Wealth II,” April 10, 2005)

“People don’t like being commanded to do something. Except God! God says, ‘Command ye Me!’…That’s not arrogance! That’s understanding who you are! Quit judging yourself like you’re merely human! You’re more than human!”
(Jesse Duplantis, “Spring Praise-A-Thon,” TBN, April 6, 2005)

“The Bible makes it clear that the blessings of God are a result of choice, not chance. Yet, a lot of people don’t preach this very basic truth anymore. Why? They’re scared of Christian terrorists who’ll fly into them with accusations. There is persecution that comes when you preach prosperity, but the Lord told me, ‘Jesse, don’t you back off that message because it takes money to get the gospel to the world.’

‘But Jesus was poor!’ Someone argued. You are living in a dream world if you believe that. Have you ever been to a casino? Have you ever seen a gambler say, ‘I’m putting all my money on those torn up, old clothes?’ They don’t gamble for rags. Yet, the Bible says that the Roman soldiers gambled for Jesus clothes. They must have looked pretty good. He also had a full time staff of 12 and a part time staff of 70.”
(Jesse Duplantis, “Prosperity is not About Possessions, It’s About Priorities,” Voice Of The Covenant Magazine, February 2004)

“Jesus rode what I like to call a Continental Donkey. One of them Cadillac Donkey’s that had never been rode. You might want a car that has never been drove. You ever think about that?”
(Jesse Duplantis, Daystar Fall, “Share-A-Thon,” September 15, 2004)

Jesse Duplantis: “People told me, ‘Well, they say, Jesus was poor.’ When was He poor? I would like to know when He was poor. Well, He was born in a stable. Why? Why was He born in a stable? Because that short, deaf lady lost their reservation. He couldn’t get into the inn. Think about that for a minute. And He had 12 full time people on His staff. Some were married and He took care of them. He had 70 part timers. You don’t gamble for rags Marcus.”

Marcus Lamb: “Yeah.”

Jesse Duplantis: “You don’t gamble for rags. You gamble for some clothes that cost. Don’t you? He wanted a donkey that had never been rode. As I said earlier, ‘You might want a car that has never been drove.’

Marcus Lamb: “He had a full time treasurer on staff.”

Jesse Duplantis: “That’s right! And stole for three years and the other guys didn’t know about it.”

Joni Lamb: “And wise men came to see Him.”

Jesse Duplantis: “That’s right! I mean He wasn’t three minutes on the ground and the three wise guys are looking for Him with what? Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh. Let me tell you something, this concept that Jesus was in povertyis totally wrong!”
(Jesse Duplantis, Marcus Lamb, and Joni Lamb, Daystar Fall, “Share-A-Thon,” September 15, 2004)

“I know why people get mad at me for being blessed. It’s because I’m the only one they see! They can’t see God so they take it out on me. But, that’s ok, I stick up for my Father. I stick up for His Word. Harvest time is mine!”
(Jesse Duplantis, “Your Future is in Your Seed,” Voice Of The Covenant Magazine, May 2004)

“If I give $1,000 dollars I deserve to get back $100,000 because I am just, that’s not greed!”
(Jesse Duplantis, December 19, 2003 TBN, “The just shall live by faith.”)

“Cash is king!. nThe hundered fold works! If I give $50 you mean God will give me $5,000? Yes!. If you give $1,000 in the offering this morning, will God give you $100,000 by tomorrow? Yes!”
(Jesse Duplantis, January 24, 2004, The Church Channel, “The Choke Hold”)

“Even in intensive care units I smile. They try to smile and I say, ‘Are you having problems?’ They say, ‘Yeah.’ I say, ‘Have no fear Jesus is here.’
(Jesse Duplantis, “Your future Is In Your Seed,” May 21, 2004)

“The very foundation of what God does is sowing and reaping. If you don’t get that you will not get anything else. He sowed Christ expecting Christians.”
(Jesse Duplantis, “Your future Is In Your Seed,” May 21, 2004)

“All my life I’ve heard people say, ‘Jesse, you want your pie in the sky and you want to eat it too.’ That’s true, I do….But for you to act properly in heaven, you have to learn some things on earth. If you have never lived in a mansion, you don’t know how to act in one.”
(Jesse Duplantis, “Getting Your Pie in the Sky and Eating it Too,” Voice Of The Covenant Magazine, November 2003)

“So how do you get your pie in the sky and eat it too? By using the power that God has put inside you. According to the Bible, He has given us the power to get saved, the power to get healed and the power to get wealth. He’s also given us the power to get anything else we need.”
(Jesse Duplantis, “Getting Your Pie in the Sky and Eating it Too,” Voice Of The Covenant Magazine, November 2003)

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