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25/09/2011 / Test All Things

An Able Minister of the New Testament

“An able minister of the New Testament” is one that has received the spirit of promise, one that has felt and enjoyed the truths, blessings, and promises, of the gospel in his own heart, and so tells to others what God has done for his soul.

He has the Spirit, and is a minister of the Spirit.

He is a partaker of grace, and a good steward of it.

He is pardoned and preaches forgiveness.

He is justified, and preaches righteousness.

He believes, and therefore speaks.

He is quickened, and holds forth the Word of life.

He is free, and preaches liberty to others.

He made his own calling and election sure, and therefore shuns not to declare the whole counsel of God.

Christ is revealed in him; and he bears him and preaches him amongst the Gentiles.

He has felt the savour of his name as an ointment poured forth, and therefore is instrumental in making manifest the savour of his name in every place.

He has salt in himself, and his words are seasoned with salt, to season others.

He is illuminated, and lets his light shine before men.

He is a candle on the stick, and gives, light to all that are in the house.

Such an one, in the hands of Christ, is an able minister of the New Testament.

By William Huntington


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