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10/09/2011 / Test All Things

Four “W’s” in John’s Gospel

In the Gospel of John, the first four chapters all have a theme beginning with “W”.

Chapter 1 is the chapter of the Word:

the Lord Jesus Christ, as the Son of God, equal with His Father, and yet made flesh, to reveal His Father’s will and fulfil His Word.

Chapter 2 is the chapter of the wine.

In the first miracle at Cana, we witness the miraculous power of the Lord Jesus, in meeting the need of the guests, by turning water into wine. It was freely confessed that the best wine (typical of the gospel) had been left to the last.

Chapter 3 is the chapter of the wind.

The Lord Jesus, emphasising to Nicodemus the necessity of being born again by the Holy Spirit, and how the sovereign direction and power of the natural wind is a picture of the sovereign work of the Holy Spirit in salvation.

Chapter 4 is the chapter of water.

The woman of Samaria comes with her water-pot to the well, and finds the Lord Jesus there. By the time their conversation had ended she leaves her water-pot and takes the glad tidings of living water from Christ Jesus to the men of Samaria.

What a precious Book is the Bible!

There is always something new to learn, even if we may have read it over many years.

By Gerald D. Buss

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