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05/09/2011 / Test All Things

The Parting of the Red Sea

It has been reported in several newspapers recently, that scientists believe that after all their scepticism about the accuracy of the early part of God’s Word, it could have been actually true that the Red Sea divided before Moses, as recorded in Exodus. They have modelled certain climatic conditions which, if they were to be repeated, would result in a separation of the waters at the Red Sea.

What are we to make of this?

Firstly, we do not need scientists to prove God’s Word for us, as we believe all of God’s Word to be true, because He cannot lie.

Secondly, as one would expect, having apparently found a way whereby this could have happened, scientists now claim that, of course, it was no miracle at all. They forget who holds all nature in His hand, and that even the normal patterns of weather and climate are contrlled by our Creator, who holds the wind in His fist.

Thirdly, those who unbelievingly look on the wonders of God’s work, fail to acknowledge that He has both the power and the right to intervene as and when He sees fit, in the natural order. It cannot have been mere chance that such a combination of events of the climatic conditions, if that is what it was, should have brought this mighty deliverance to pass. In any event, God could have created these conditions just once for His own purposes never to repeat them again.

So we need not be troubled as to whether man’s wisdom, so called, accepts or rejects the Holy Word of God.

“Let God be true but every man a liar.”
(Romans 3:4)

By Gerald D. Buss

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