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24/08/2011 / Test All Things

A Difficulty Resolved

There are some difficulties in the way. One difficulty is this: An honest conscience, an instructed heart is so sensible of the ease with which one may be deceived by one’s own heart, as to feel it a great hindrance; and yet it helps. We may be searching and trying, weighing and testing, looking for a repentance that we do not feel, a broken heart which we have not got, faith which we fear we do not possess, feelings of contrition, of love, of spirituality of mind, which are far above us; and we may say, “I shall never reach that kingdom, never get into it. I am carnal, sold under sin; what shall I do?” Not finding the graces of the Spirit flourishing in us, we are apt to conclude that we have never been born again, never had the Holy Spirit and never tasted that the Lord is gracious.

I believe the tempter is here. He endeavours to keep before the mind the graces of the Spirit as a foundation.

What a mistake he causes us to make!

How happy would some of us be at certain moments if we could but feel repentance and faith and hope and love and a broken heart!

How gladly would we, as we think, go to God if such and such graces were flourishing in us!

We little suspect what I believe to be the truth, that the devil and our own hearts are together in plotting against us, trying to make of graces, which flow from Christ, a foundation.

He is the Foundation for graceless sinners.

“Sinners are high in His esteem,
And sinners highly value Him.”

By J.K. Popham – 1925

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