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28/07/2011 / Test All Things

The Third Heaven

In 2 Corinthians 12:2, Paul describes an experience of being “…caught up to the Third Heaven.”

You may wonder, what or where the Third Heaven is?

The First Heaven includes the entire atmosphere ehich surrounds the earth. We know of it by the air, clouds, wind and weather which are found in it.

The Second heaven includes the region of space beyond the atmosphere, and includes the sun, moon and stars. This is the vast immeasurable space of which even with our present knowledge of astronomy we know comparatively little compared with all that is to be known.

The Third Heaven is where God dwells on His throne. This is beyond the reach of sight and its actual location is not known. Psalm 24 speaks of the Lord Jesus ascending “…up far above all heavens…” This is the Paradise where the dying thief went when he died, and it is the place where all of God’s people go at death.

Revelation 6:14 speaks of heaven being rolled up, as a scroll. This refers to the first two heavens which will depart at the Day of Judgment, but the Third Heaven, where God reigns will never be destroyed.

By Gerald Buss

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