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16/04/2011 / Test All Things

A Letter To John Grace – June 18th, 1859

My dear friend, John Grace,

It is a great pity that those who are opposed to ‘believer’s baptism’ should have taken such high ground. It is very rarely that I feel my mind led to say anything upon the subject. Not that I do not hold it with a firm hand, but because my mind seems taken up in preaching with matters so much more important, and in which the life and power of godliness consist. The people of God, especially those who are tried and exercised, need some solid food for their souls, and many of them come very much cast down by temptation and sorrow. Such people need to hear something that may be as a blessed balm to their hearts, and everything but Christ and His blood in the blessed power and experience of them to their souls is viewed by them as worthless.

Ordinances are good in their place, but let them not occupy that pre-eminence which nothing can claim but the Savior and His finished work, and the teachings of the Holy Spirit by which He is made known.

Yours affectionately,
J. C. P.

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