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31/03/2011 / Test All Things

On John Wesley

“I believe him to be the most rancourous hater of the gospel system that ever appeared in England.”

Wesley “is still as dead to the feelings of shame as he is blind to the doctrines of God.”
(Works of Augustus Toplady – Page 732)


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  1. Malcolm Wayne Turner / Mar 31 2011 11:15 am

    Wesley was a man who hated the God of scripture and God’s doctrines of Grace. He settled for a false gospel of man’s sovereignty and works. Personally, i would have to say that John Wesley was an out an our heretic and doubt if he even knew the saving work of Christ and was therefore still in his sins. However, too many people elevate this heretic to a position that he doesn’t deserve. No doubt i will be accused of being harsh and judgmental but if i was asked to pick either the fear of man or of God, well , there is no competition.

  2. Bill Don Bryant / Apr 1 2011 12:33 am

    Wesley, hated three things: 1) predestination 2) imputed righteousness and 3) grace and there is a definite connection between all three. According to Wesley if a person believed in #1, then he was a Hyper-Calvinist (so Wesley categorized George Whitefield) and if a person believed in #2, then according to Wesley that person an anti-nomian (here he categorized George Whitefield and James Hervey). Wesley was not fair in debate willing to misquote and edit/change writings of others. In later years when Hervey would read a statement to Wesley, Wesley would say, “What heretic said that?” Hervey’s response, “You did, I am reading verbatim from one of your early sermons.” Read Ella’s JAMES HERVEY: PREACHER OF RIGHTEOUSNESS—excellent!

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