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28/03/2011 / Test All Things

Dependance on Christ Alone

A JUDAS may have the sop — the outward privileges of baptism, the Lord’s supper, Church-membership, etc.; but like John, to lean on Christ’s bosom, is the gospel ordinance posture in which we should hear, pray, and perform all duties.

Nothing but lying on the bosom of Christ will dissolve hardness of heart, and make thee mourn kindly for sin, and humble thee indeed, and make thy soul cordial to Christ, yea, transform the ugliest piece of hell into the image and glory of Christ.

Looking at the natural sun weakens the eye; but the more you look at Christ, the Sun of righteousness, the stronger and clearer will the eye of faith be. Look but on Christ, and you will love him and live on him. See Christ, and you see all.

Keep your eye steadily fixed on his blood and righteousness, and only look at your graces in the second place; else, every blast of temptation will shake you. If you would so see the sinfulness of sin as to loathe it and to mourn for it, do not stand looking upon sin, but first look upon Christ as suffering and satisfying.

He who looks upon Christ through his graces, is like one that sees the sun in water, which wavers and moves as the water doth.

Look upon Christ only as shining in the firmament of the Father’s grace and love, and there you will see him in his own genuine glory and unspeakable fulness.

He who sets up his sanctification to look at to comfort him, sets up that which will strengthen his doubts and fears.

Do but look off Christ, and presently, like Peter, you begin to sink into distress, discouragements, and despondency. A Christian seldom wants comfort, but by breaking the order and method of the gospel; i.e. by looking upon his own righteousness, instead of looking off to the perfect righteousness of Christ.

What is this, but choosing rather to live by candle-light than by the light of the sun ?

By Thomas Wilcox

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