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06/02/2011 / Test All Things

A Letter To John Grace – April 12th, 1861

My dear Friend, Mr. Grace.

We shall be happy to see you to dine with us, and I hope we may have the sweet presence of the Lord in our mutual communication. There is a meeting together for the better and a meeting together for the worse, and usually when it is not for the one it is for the other. There is such a thing as carnalising each other’s mind, and with God’s help and blessing there is also a spiritualising of it. Paul desired to come to Rome that he might impart unto the people a spiritual gift, not only to the end that they might be established, but that he also might be comforted together with them by the exercise of their mutual faith. Those who feared the Lord in ancient times “spoke often one to another;” and the Lord graciously heard and put them down in the book of His remembrance. There is very little real spiritual conversation in our day; and one would hardly think that people had heaven much in their hearts who have the things of heaven so little in their lips. It is a sad mark of the cold and lifeless state into which the Church of God has sunk, that while there is so much bitterness and strife there is so little real union and love. It is said of Naphtali that “he gives goodly words;” but why? Because he was “satisfied with favor and full with the blessing of the Lord;” for though many years separated the blessings pronounced upon him by Jacob and Moses, yet he was the same character in the eyes of each, as instructed and inspired by the Holy Spirit. I hope that you may come up from Brighton with Naphtali’s experience as “a deer let loose,” and may give goodly words both at Oakham and Grantham.

Yours very affectionately,
J. C. P.

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