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06/02/2011 / Test All Things

A Letter To Friends – January 9th, 1861

Dear Friends

I am glad to find that you are enabled still to hang together as a few people that are united in the love and fear of the Lord; and though you may be despised of men, it is far better to have the witness of God in your heart, than to enjoy all the smiles of mortals. I consider it a favour that God is pleased to make use of my poor instrumentality to feed His people in various parts of the country; as there are many little places scattered up and down the land where they read, in the absence of ministers who preach the truth, the sermons which I have been enabled from time to time to send forth in His most blessed Name. And as I cannot doubt, from the many testimonies which I have received, that the Lord has condescended to bless them, I must thankfully acknowledge that His gracious hand is in it. He will work by whom He will work, for He is a mighty Sovereign, and has therefore power and will combined to execute His eternal purposes without consulting the will of man. And generally His ways are so in the deep waters, and His footsteps are so unknown to fleshly reason, that they are only seen by the event. This often tries the faith of the Lord’s exercised family; for they would rather walk by sight than believe in the dark. But when the Lord is pleased to make darkness light and crooked things straight, then they can admire His divine sovereignty and see, feel, and gratefully acknowledge that He does all things well.

I hope the Lord will keep you together in a spirit of love and union, for without this all is misery and confusion. There is nothing worse than a root of bitterness springing up among those who love and fear God. The Lord preserve you from it, and knit your hearts together in love. I am, through mercy, pretty well, considering the severity of the weather. My love to all the friends.

Yours in the best bonds,
J. C. P.

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