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26/12/2010 / Test All Things

A Letter To Mr Crake – November 27th, 1861

My dear Friend, Mr. Crake,

I am much obliged to you for the very interesting letter of Mr. M___ which you have kindly sent me. I have read it with much pleasure and interest, and would much like to insert it in the Gospel Standard, if Mr. M___ has no objection.

I have not yet been able to look over the obituary sent me at the same time, but shall hope to do so when I can get a little quiet leisure. I believe Mr. Gadsby intends to enlarge the Gospel Standard wrapper in the coming year; and in that case there will be more room for various things which seem hardly worth a place in the body of the work. I find it to be a matter of great difficulty, and one that requires both much grace and much judgment, how to carry on the Gospel Standard most for the glory of God and the profit of His people. I am well convinced that its influence has been great, and I have no doubt for much good. It has opened a way for bringing before the Church of God much that otherwise would have been altogether lost. Many sweet and savoury letters of departed saints, and many obituaries of those who lived and died in the fear and love of God, have been preserved and brought before the saints of God; and we may well hope that the blessing of God has rested upon such testimonies. It affords also a kind of rallying point for the scattered saints of God throughout the land, who from time to time find their experience described and their views of truth which have been taught them by the Holy Spirit sweetly confirmed. We live, too, in a day full of error and evil, so that we need some one to lift up the voice for truth in its purity and power. I feel myself indeed very unfit and very unworthy to conduct such a work; but, as hitherto the Lord I trust has helped me and given me strength according to my day, I hope to go on still in His name if the Lord spare my life and give me the needful grace and strength.

I desire to sympathize with you and your wife in all your troubles and afflictions. You have found the benefit of them and a blessing in them, and I trust are still realizing the power of God to support you under them and the grace and presence of the Lord to bless you in them.

Yours affectionately,
J. C. P.

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