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20/11/2010 / Test All Things

Jesus Christ is The Eternal Son of God

Our little group of churches was especially distinct in the controversy many, many years ago concerning the Person of Christ, the eternal Sonship.

Men like good J.C. Philpot, William Gadsby, John Kershaw and John Warburton and other stalwarts in the faith were raised up by God to stand for the truth at a time when the very heart of the denomination was in danger of being torn out.

Let us never compromise with the Person of Christ.

He is the eternal Son of the eternal Father.

He ever has been, He ever will be, and He is the same today as yesterday, as He will be for ever. Also, we believe that in the fulness of time He took into union with His divine Person another nature, a human nature, body and soul, so He is both verily God and He is also verily Man. These things we must contend for. The Word of God tells us most clearly, “There is one God, and one Mediator between God and men, the Man Christ Jesus.”

Let us never compromise on either His divinity or His humanity. He is one Person with two natures.

“He is what He has been and ever will be,
He became what He was not for sinners like me.”

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