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14/08/2010 / Test All Things

When An Infant Dies – Will They Be an Infant in Heaven?

When an infant dies — and it’s a believing infant, that is, an infant who is a child of God — will it be eternally an infant?

I don’t think there’s any possibility at all that it will remain a baby forever and ever, or even be a baby in Heaven.

You see, on earth here we think in terms of time. God has designed men to procreate. And in this way the various people who are to be born come into existence. Some live out their lives so that they die very aged and crippled, and their body is really wasted away. Some die as infants. Some die in the prime of life. But in Heaven, and in the New Heaven and the New Earth, we’re outside of time. We’re all sons of God.

The age at which we die really is immaterial. We will be there as sons of God. There is neither male nor female, and I’m sure there are neither children or adults, because children and adults implies time. It implies that one is older than another.

And in eternity we’re outside of time.

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