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11/07/2010 / Test All Things

Bible Doctrine Drill – Lesson 9 – Total Depravity

“T” is for Total Depravity.

This means that all people are sinners. Sin entered into the world by the first man, Adam. Since that time everyone has been born into the world as a sinner. Even little babies are sinners. Being sinners, people tend to think, act, and speak sinfully. If they are left to themselves, without the salvation in Jesus Christ, they will be sinful in every area of their lives.

Even their so-called “good works” will be sinful. When they do “good’ they will only do this for a selfish, sinful reason. If they are left in their sinful state they cannot please God, but will be forever under His wrath and condemnation. They will go to hell where they deserve to go. Man cannot rescue himself from this condition of Total Depravity.

When we say that a person is “totally” depraved, we mean that each part of him has been affected by sin — his mind, will, and emotions. He thinks sinfully, acts sinfully, and wills sinfully. In this condition he will not come to Christ. He loves sin and hates God.

The Bible says that he is dead — dead in trespasses and in sins. As a person dead towards God, he cannot save himself nor help to save himself.

Drill Questions:

1. What does the “T” stand for? Total Depravity.

2. How did sin enter into the world? By Adam.

3. Since Adam, have all men been born sinners? Yes.

4. What will happen to people if they are left in this condition? They will die and go to hell.

5. Are the “good works” of sinners sinful? Yes.

6. Is a sinner bad in every part of his being? Yes.

7. Can a person in this condition save himself or help save himself? No.

Memory Verse:

Romans 3:23

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