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11/07/2010 / Test All Things

Bible Doctrine Drill – Lesson 5 – Eternal Bliss

It is a terrible thing to die without God’s grace and forgiveness. Jesus, Who talked more about Hell than anyone else in the Bible, tells us that it is a place of everlasting torment and darkness. He warns that the fearful, and unbelieving, and murderers, and idolaters, and liars will be cast into this lake of fire when God judges the world at the end of time.

It is wonderful when a child of God dies. At the very moment when he dies, his spirit goes to be with Jesus. Jesus said to the thief on the cross who was about to die, “Today shalt thou be with me in paradise.”

Speaking of death, Paul said that he had “a desire to depart and to be with Christ.” The writer of Hebrews said that one of the reasons Jesus came to earth was to deliver His children from the fear of death. If a person is born again he should not be afraid to die.

Even though the spirit remains alive and goes to be with Christ at death, the body dies and goes to the grave. The Bible says that those saints who die are “asleep in Jesus.” On the resurrection day, Jesus is going to come back to the earth from heaven. He is going to call to the bodies of His children who have died, and they will rise up from their graves. Their glorified bodies will be perfect and without sin.

The spirits and bodies of the saints will come back together again on the resurrection day. These glorified saints will then be with the Lord forever. They will live in a real place, a beautiful place which Peter calls “new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness.”

They will be completely happy and safe and will never sin again. They will enjoy forever praising the Lord Jesus Christ together with the elect angels and the other saints for whom Jesus died on the cross.

Drill Questions:

1. When God’s children die, where do their spirits go? To be with Jesus. (Ecclesiastes 12:7; Luke 23:43; Philippians 1:23)

2. Is a child of God supposed to be afraid to die? No. (Hebrews 2:15; Revelation 14:13; Philippians 1:21; Psalm 23:4; Numbers 23:10)

3. What does the Bible say about the dead bodies of the saints? They are asleep in Jesus. (John 11:11; 1 Thessalonians 4:14; Acts 13:36)

4. What will happen to the bodies of the saints on the resurrection day? They will be raised from their graves and glorified.

5. What will happen to the spirits of the saints at the resurrection? They will join together with their bodies. (Philippians 3:20-21; 1 Thessalonians 4:16)

6. How long will the glorified saints live with Jesus? Forever.

7. Where will the glorified saints live? In the new heavens and the new earth.

8. In what kind of condition will the glorified saints be? They will be completely happy and safe and will never sin again.

Memory Verse:

Ecclesiastes 12:7

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