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11/07/2010 / Test All Things

Bible Doctrine Drill – Lesson 12 – TULIP – Irresistible Grace

The “I” in TULIP is for Irresistible Grace.

“Irresistible” means something that you can’t resist. It is too strong for you. That is the way God’s grace is for a child of God. All those who were elected by the Father (before the world began) and redeemed by the Son (on the Cross) shall be drawn to God by the Holy Spirit with an everlasting salvation.

Nothing shall hinder God from carrying out His purpose and plan of saving all His children.

God chose His people before the world began (election). Jesus died for all the elect on the Cross (atonement). But these same elect children are born into this world dead in trespasses and sins (depravity).

God the Holy Spirit takes the salvation that Jesus bought on the Cross and applies it to all the children of God sometime between their conception in their mother’s womb and their death.

When the Holy Spirit brings this salvation to a child of God, we call it the New Birth or being “born again.” Let us use an example of how this works. We will use the example of a man building a house. We will call this the “house of salvation.” Before a man builds a house he gets an architect to draw plans for the house. God the Father was the architect who drew plans for the house of salvation when He planned who He wanted to save (election).

After the plans are drawn the man must get a carpenter to take the plans and actually build the house. Jesus was the carpenter who took the Father’s election plan and built the house of salvation. Jesus did this on the Cross. He built the house of salvation exactly according to the plan of God the Father. He died for only those that God the Father wanted Him to die for.

After a house is built, you must actually get people to live in it. For this you must have a real estate agent. God the Holy Spirit is the real estate agent. He puts the elect into the house of salvation that God the Father planned and God the Son built.

Many people believe that people can resist the Holy Spirit when He wants to put people in the house of salvation — but they are wrong!

When the Holy Spirit wants to put someone in the house of salvation, He just does it. He is that powerful!

His grace cannot be resisted. He causes people to love God and to hate their sins. He causes people to want to repent of their sins and to love God.

Many people think that the preacher or some other Christian must help the Holy Spirit — but they are wrong!

The Holy Spirit causes one to be born again all by Himself. He makes man willing to serve God. Man gets no praise for salvation. All praise belongs to God.

How can you know if the Holy Spirit has caused you to be born again?

Do you love God?

Do you hate sin?

Do you, with all your heart, want to serve Jesus Christ, all the days of your life?

If you can truly say “yes” to all these questions you have been “born again” by the Holy Spirit.

Drill Questions:

1. What does the “I” stand for? Irresistible Grace.

2. Will anything hinder God from saving all His people? No.

3. When does the Holy Spirit take the salvation that Jesus bought on the cross and apply it to the children of God? Sometime between their conception and death.

4. What do we call this work of the Holy Spirit? The New Birth or being “born again.”

5. Who is the architect of the house of salvation? God the Father.

6. Who is the carpenter of the house of salvation? God the Son.

7. Who is the real estate agent of the house of salvation? God the Holy Spirit.

8. Can a person resist the Holy Spirit if He wants him or her to have the New Birth? No.

9. Does the preacher or some other person help the Holy Spirit when He wants to give the New Birth to someone? No.

10. How can you know if you have been born again? You love God, hate sin, and want to serve and obey God.

11. Learn John 3:8.

12. Learn John 6:37.

13. Learn John 6:44.

14. Learn Jeremiah 31:3 and Psalm 110:3.

Memory Verse:

Psalm 110:3

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