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04/07/2010 / Test All Things

New Testament – Acts of The Apostles

78. Who preached on the day of Pentecost? Peter.

79. What did he preach? Repent.

80. How many people were converted and baptized? Three thousand.

81. Who came down with tongues of fire on that day? The Holy Spirit.

82. Who preached to the lame man who was at the Beautiful gate of the temple? Peter.

83. What did the lame man do when he was healed? He leaped and walked into the temple and praised God.

84. Did the apostles quit preaching about Jesus when the rulers told them to? No.

85. Should we quit talking about Jesus when people tell us to? No.

86. How did Stephen die? They threw stones at him until he was dead.

87. Did Stephen die happy? Yes. Why? Because he saw Jesus.

88. Was Stephen mad at the men who killed him? No, he prayed for them.

89. Should we pray for our enemies? Yes.

90. Whom did God send to preach to the Ethiopian eunuch? Philip.

91. What did Philip preach to the eunuch? He told him about Jesus.

92. What did the eunuch want to do when he understood the preaching? He wanted to be baptized.

93. How did the eunuch feel after he was baptized? He was very happy.

94. Who was persecuting the church and hurting God’s people? Saul.
What is another name for him in the Bible? Paul.

95. To what city was he traveling, in order to hurt God’s people? Damascus.

96. What did God do to him? He shined a bright light around him and knocked him to the ground.

97. What else did God do to Paul? He saved him.
What does this mean? God caused Paul to begin to love Him and His people.

98. What did Paul do soon after the Lord had saved him? He was baptized.

99. What did he do after he was baptized? He began to preach Jesus Christ.

100. After Paul began to preach about Jesus Christ, what did the Jews try to do to him? They tried to kill him.

101. How did Paul get away from the Jews? The disciples let him down the wall of the city in a basket.

102. Who was the good man who introduced Paul to the Christians at Jerusalem? Barnabas.

103. Who was the good woman at Joppa who died? Tabitha. What was her other name? Dorcas.

104. What were some of the good things which she had done? She made coats and other clothes for the widows and other poor Christians.

105. What did Peter do to Dorcas? He told her to arise.
Who brought her back from the dead? God.

106. Who was the good man in Caesarea who prayed all the time and gave gifts to the poor people? Cornelius.

107. Whom did God send to preach to Cornelius? Peter.

108. What did Peter command Cornelius to do? To be baptized.

109. When the church at Jerusalem was driven out of town by the bad people, what did they do? Everywhere they went, they told people about Jesus.

110. Who was the good man that the church at Jerusalem sent to check on the people who had been driven out of town? Barnabas.

111. Who did Barnabas get to help him in the work with the churches? Paul.

112. Where were the people of God first called Christians? At Antioch.

113. To whom did God send an angel in order to get him out of jail, when the church had prayed all night? Peter.

114. When the Lord wanted a lot of churches started, whom did He call to start them? Paul and Barnabas.

115. How did they start churches? By preaching the gospel.

116. When Paul healed the crippled man at Lystra what did the people there do? They tried to worship him.

117. Did Paul let people worship him? No.
Why? Because we are to worship only God.

118. Did the people throw stones at Paul? Yes.
Did they think that he was dead? Yes.
Was he? No.

119. Are we saved by keeping the law of God? No.
How are we saved? By the grace of the Lord Jesus.
Should we keep God’s law anyway? Yes.
Why? Because we love the Lord and want to please Him.

120. Who was the lady that prayed with other ladies that Paul baptized? Lydia.
After she was baptized what did she do? She let Paul and his friends live in her house while they preached the gospel.
Would it be good for us to open our homes to God’s people like that today? Yes.

121. When Paul and Silas were whipped and put in jail, what did they do at midnight? Sang and prayed.
How did God get them out of jail? He shook the prison with an earthquake.

122. What did the jailer do when the earthquake came? He became afraid and asked Paul and Silas what he should do.
What did they tell him to do? To believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.
What happened that night? The jailer took them to his house, washed their stripes, and gave them something to eat. The jailer and his household were baptized that night, too.

123. What was good about the Bereans? They listened to the preachers and read the Bible so that they could see if what the preachers said was true.

124. What kind of job did Paul have besides preaching? He made tents.
Who was the man and his wife who had the same kind of job and let Paul live with them? Aquila and Priscilla.

125. What young preacher did Aquila and Priscilla help to understand the Bible? Apollos.

126. When the people at Ephesus began to believe in Jesus Christ, what did they do? They burned up all their magic books.
Is it good for us to have magic books today? No.

127. Forty Jews hated Paul so badly that they made an awful promise. What was it? They would not eat or drink until they had killed Paul.

128. Did God bless Paul to get away? Yes.

129. To what city did Paul have to go, in order to stand trial? Rome.
How did he get there? He went on a ship and he walked the last part of the way.

130. What happened to the ship? It got caught in a storm.

131. Were the people on the ship afraid? Yes.

132. Was Paul afraid? No.
Why? Because an angel of the Lord came and told him everything would be all right.

133. What finally happened to the ship? It got caught on some rocks and broke into pieces.

134. Did anyone die? No.

135. When Paul laid some sticks on the fire, what happened to him? A snake came out of the fire and bit him.
Did he get sick or die? No.

136. Where was Paul finally able to visit, at the end of his journey? Rome.

137. Was he free? No, he was in jail in his own house.

138. What did he do while he was in jail? Preached, and wrote letters to churches and people.

139. Was Paul afraid to die? No. Why not? Because he lived very close to God.

141. How did the men who wrote the Bible write? God told them just exactly what to write.

142. Does the Bible have any mistakes in it? No, not even one.

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