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03/07/2010 / Test All Things

Lesson 14 – The Doctrine of Election

We have been studying the doctrine of election. Election itself actually saved no one; it only marked out particular sinners (the elect) for salvation. Those chosen by the Father were given to the Son who must redeem them or purchase their salvation by His own blood. Redemption in the Scriptures carries with it the idea of a captive being set free on the payment of the proper ransom price. The ransom price paid by the Son of God for His people was His own life. (Matthew 20:28). When Christ paid this price on the cross He actually got what He paid for and He did just exactly what He came to do (Matthew 1:21).

Many people teach that Christ did not actually save anyone by His death on the cross. But rather, they say, He died to provide salvation for each and every human being in the world. However, they say, each human must do his part or the work of Christ is in vain. Most of these people will admit that there will be many people in hell in fact most of them teach that there will be more people in hell than in heaven. So perhaps without realizing it, they have Christ a great failure who lost a great many of the ones for whom He died. They have many people in hell for whom Christ died.

This is terrible and it is simply not true.

The Bible teaches that Christ did not lose even one for whom He died. (John 6:38-39).

If Christ died for every individual of the human race then every individual will be saved.

But the Scriptures plainly teach that there are those who will not be saved. (Matthew7:23; Matthew 25:41; John 8:44). Therefore, Christ did not die for everyone, else all would be saved.


1. What does redemption mean?

2. Who did the work of redemption in the salvation of sinners?

3. For whom did Christ die?

4. Did Christ’s death actually secure salvation for those for whom He died?

5. If Christ actually died for every member of the human race, what would be the final destiny of every human being?

Memory Verse:

Matthew 1:21

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