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13/06/2010 / Test All Things

The Baptized Churches Of Christ – Table Of Contents

A) Church Covenant of New Home Church


C) Definition Of Terms

Chapter 1: Origins of “Baptists”

Chapter 2: Historical Origins of “baptized Churches of Christ”

Chapter 3: Origins of “Baptists”

Chapter 4: The Great Awakening

Chapter 5: Commencement of The Modern Great Apostasy

Chapter 6: Practical Aspects of The Churches of Jesus Christ

Chapter 7: Doing All Things in Decency and in Order

Chapter 8: The Government of the Church

Chapter 9: How So Rapid An Apostasy

Appendix A: London Confession of 1644

Appendix B: Elder Reuben Ross Preached First Arminian Sermon in Tenn.
J. M. Pendleton’s Description of Baptists Preaching in Ross’ time.

Appendix C: The Rising Opposition to the Modern Missionary Movement
Miami Baptist Association in Ohio, 1814. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Flint River Baptist Association in Tennessee & Alabama, 1814
Alexander Campbell’s Circular Letter in Redstone Association.

Appendix D: Public ADDRESS by Daniel Parker, 1820

Appendix E: Kehukee Baptist Declaration, 1826

Appendix F: The Black Rock ADDRESS, 1832
PROSPECTUS of the Signs Of The Times, 1832

Appendix G: Miss.’ Bethany Association’s REASON AND APPEALS, 1844

Appendix H: White River Regular Baptist Circular Letter, 1844

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