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05/12/2009 / Test All Things

Jesus Affirmed Scripture!

Jesus affirmed the reality (historicity) of the following people and events, often the targets of most sceptical and liberal mockery:

Matthew 19:3-6, Mark 10:5-9 – God created Adam and Eve as the first man and woman, “from the beginning of the creation;” and this was the basis for marriage.

Luke 11:51 – Abel.

Matthew 24:37-39; Luke 17:26-27 – Noah and the Flood.

John 8:56-58 – Abraham.

Matthew 10:15; Matthew 11:23-24; Luke 10:12 – Sodom and Gomorrah.

Luke 17. 28-32 – Lot and his wife.

Matthew 8:11; Luke 13:28 – Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

John 6:31, John 6:49, John 6:58 – Manna from heaven.

John 3:14 – Moses and the brazen serpent.

Matthew 12:39-41 – Jonah and the whale.

Matthew 12:42 – Queen of Sheba.

Luke 16:31 and John 5:46-47 – Moses as inspired author of the Pentateuch.

Matthew 24:15 – Daniel the Prophet as author of the Book of Daniel (citing Daniel 9:27).

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