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19/10/2009 / Test All Things

Repentance From Dead Works

Although we should all strive to love our neighbor as ourselves, it’s imperative that we derive no confidence from that, but rather that we flee to Christ and plead His righteousness as our only ground salvation – as the sole and complete basis upon which I, a sinner, can be reconciled before a holy God – One whose inflexible justice shall not clear the guilty.

I need a Substitute.

In this light we should repent of ever thinking that anything proceeding from ourselves could save us or even contribute to any part of salvation. When our efforts to comply with God’s will, though commendable and highly esteemed in this world – particularly among religious folks – when, or if, we assign any merit to those things, they fall into the category of “dead” works of which we’re commanded to repent.

And when God gives spiritual life to someone, that’s exactly what they do as they see the evil of daring to place something that proceeds from them in a place of rivalry with that which only the God-man, Jesus Christ Himself, could and did accomplish.

By Randy Wages

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