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19/10/2009 / Test All Things

My Only Hope

It came to my mind again recently that I can find no hope or consolation of any kind in anything that I have done or am.

There is not a single thing about me that would commend me to God or warrant His blessing me in the least way.

But then I also had this thought, I can find no hope or consolation in the fact that I see this is my case or feel it to be true!

There is no hope to be found in my knowing this, acknowledging it to be true or in any feeling it might generate in me.

I am nothing and this gives me no hope. I feel it to be true and any and all feeling it to be so gives me no hope.

I must confess as the hymn-writer, “My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness.”


The only hope for a sinner like me is a believing look at the Lord Jesus Christ!

Our only hope is in the grace of God, in His covenant mercies and in His unchanging love.

My hope is not even in my believing on Him but in HIM!

I can only lay down my head and rest on the promises of God in Christ crucified. No one, not even myself, can lay anything to my charge if “It is Christ that died.”

When I am under the weight of my sinful self, I thank God He gives me grace and faith so that, even then, I cannot but hope in Him who came into the world to save sinners, even me the chief of sinners!

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