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20/09/2009 / Test All Things

The Origin Of Evil

The origin of evil has puzzled and baffled the acutest minds that ever existed; and no doubt it will continue to perplex and baffle the mind of man as long as the world shall endure. How evil in the first instance originated, and why God permitted it to arise in His fair creation, are mysteries unfathomable to man’s finite understanding. It is of no use, therefore, for those who fear God to attempt to dive into these unfathomable mysteries, but to leave them as they stand, insoluble by creature intellect.

It is sufficient for those that fear God to know these three things respecting evil.

First, that sin hath entered into the world; and that we, as connected with our first parents, are involved in it.

Secondly, that for those who spiritually know and experimentally groan under sin, as opened up in their consciences by the Spirit of God, there is a remedy, an all-sufficient remedy, in the mediation of God’s dear Son.

And thirdly, that all evil will be eventually overruled for the good of the church, and for Jehovah’s eternal glory.

By J.C. Philpot

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