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02/09/2009 / Test All Things

Letter To A Brother In Christ – February 17th, 1834

February 17th, 1834

My dear Brother,

Yesterday I preached here in the morning, at Wallingford in the afternoon and evening, and had a very favorable day in my own soul. Husband baptized four. One was an old woman about 80 years old. He baptized in the mill-dam near his old church. He was low in spirits because I was not there, but the arrangement was entirely through him.

I find my old nature cleaves to money very closely when I part with it. If I had lived in the apostles’ days I would have found the sin of Ananias in my heart, if it had not prevailed. Selling all or selling a part is very different. But if the world sees that we are covetous, and will make no sacrifices, they will quickly say, “What do you more than others?”

Yours most affectionately,

William Tiptaft.

P.S.—I expect Warburton here next week. We scarcely know what to do here about forming a church. I found it good for my soul in breaking bread yesterday. I believe God’s children are desirous of fulfilling God’s will in receiving the Lord’s Supper in remembrance of Him.

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