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01/09/2009 / Test All Things

Letter To A Brother In Christ – June 8th, 1838

June 8th, 1838

My dear Brother,

Through mercy I arrived here safely from Brighton, and felt myself better for two or three weeks after illness; but on the 1st of this month, I was seized again with colic, but not so painful as at Brighton. Nevertheless, I have not been out of doors since, except for a short walk this morning. I find this sickness profitable to my soul. It has, I trust, meekened and humbled my spirit, and I have been brought down to lie passive in the Lord’s hands. I deserve many such, and much more severe, chastisements for my daily sins and iniquities; and it is through God’s mercy that I am spared to write to you. I feel this sickness to be a rod that I needed. If we escaped such trials, we would wander farther from God after idols and the vain delights of our wicked hearts. This sickness has made me feel and think more of poor people who cannot get comforts and even necessaries in their daily ailments, while I have abundance. But gratitude must come from God.

The mayor and some of the leading people of Abingdon have applied to me today to give them something towards making a feast on the Coronation day. I told them that such feasts led to drunkenness, etc., and I could not conscientiously give them anything towards it, for I considered them among the “revellings”; but if they would establish a sick fund, or benefit the poor in any other way, I would contribute. The mayor is a dissenter, and there were several dissenters with him; but they did not know that “Fear God” stands before “Honor the Queen.” It will be a very great day of wickedness in England. My opinions seem to differ from other people’s, and they cannot make out what kind of man I am.

Yours very affectionately and sincerely,

William Tiptaft.

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