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20/07/2008 / Test All Things

Are YOU Saved?

Are YOU saved by grace through faith?

The Word of God is not merely presenting some objective doctrine. It doesn’t say salvation is by grace through faith; and it is the gift of God. Listen, “by grace are YE saved…”

Does God say that to you?

Have you been chosen in Christ, reconciled to God by His death, united to Him by faith?

Let me ask you this: “Are you a sinner?”

Do you recognize yourself as an empty vessel, dead in trespasses and sins?

That is the fruit of the Spirit of Christ in you.

Do not despair, do not fear; rather, rejoice and be very glad!

Flee to the cross of Jesus and see there the blood of Him who dies for you.

Go to Joseph’s empty tomb and see that He arose the victor over death. Look heavenward and expect your Savior — He is coming quickly and his reward is with Him. You have comfort, peace, and hope. The comfort of salvation by grace, the peace of forgiveness by grace, and the hope of life everlasting by grace.

Do you know that?

Then you say with the same apostle Paul, “God forbid that I should glory save in the cross of Jesus Christ” (Galatians 6:14).

There is no room for boasting.

Salvation is all by grace.

But that also means that every ground for despair has been removed.

The eternal, faithful God will never fail!

By Robert. D. Decker

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