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25/12/2007 / Test All Things

The Best Teacher

“Grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.”
(John 1:17)

The way to learn truth is to be much in prayer to the Lord Jesus Christ. Beg of Him to teach you Himself — for He is the best teacher. The words which He speaks, they are spirit and life. What He writes upon our hearts is written in characters which will stand every storm and live at last. We forget what we learn from ‘man’ — but we never forget what we learn from Jesus. ‘Men’ may deceive—Christ cannot.

Though you may receive truth from a minister’s lips, it is always mixed with human infirmity. But what you get from the lips of Jesus, you get in all its purity and power. It comes warm from Him — it comes cold from ‘men.’ It drops like the rain and distills like the dew from His mouth—it comes only second-hand from men. If I preach to you the truth, I preach indeed as the Lord enables me to speak. But it is He who must speak with power to your souls to do you any real good. Look then away from me — look beyond me — to Him who alone can teach us both. By looking to Jesus in the inmost feelings of your soul, you will draw living truth from out of His bosom into your own—from His heart into your heart—and thus will come feelingly and experimentally to know the blessedness of His own declaration — ‘I am the truth.’

By J.C. Philpot

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