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22/10/2007 / Test All Things

No Archaeological Evidence For The Book Of Mormon

As the Mormon church were claiming at one point that the book of mormon was used by the National Geographic Society in order to locate ancient archaeological sites one man felt the need to write to the NGS for confirmation and this was their response.

National Geographic Society


January 11, 1990

Dear Mr. Larson:

Thank you for writing to the National Geographic Society.

The Society has never used the Book of Mormon to locate archaeological sites, and we do not believe that any of the places named in the Book of Mormon can be placed geographically by the evidence of archaeology. So far as we know there is no archaeological evidence to verify the history of early peoples of the Western Hemisphere as presented in the Book of Mormon.
I hope you will find this information useful.

Yours truly,

Pamela Tucci
Research Correspondence

If the National Geographic Society can find no archaeological evidence to support the book of Mormon – there simply isn’t any.

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